What does he like, besides pretzels?

Who is The Pretzel Man?

Derek “The Pretzel Man” Forchic was born in New Jersey, but found his true culinary home in nearby Philadelphia. While he enjoyed sizzling Philly cheesesteaks, soft Philly pretzels won his heart. At a young age he discovered baseball and became a diehard Phillies phan. Honing his baseball skills during high school and college (all while being fueled by delicious soft pretzels), Derek’s hard work and talent earned him a spot with the MLB’s Florida Marlins in 1996. Although he was thrilled to move to Miami to play baseball, giving up Philly soft pretzels wasn’t easy. He feared that his days of eating phresh, Philly pretzels were over…

Derek was not alone in his heartbreak over the lack of authentic Philly pretzels in South Florida. Thousands of other folks, from Philadelphia and beyond, also craved the soft, salty snack. “Florida is where my family and I feel at home now, but I still craved munching on Philly soft pretzels,” he says.

Since he’s not one to abandon his dreams, The Pretzel Man used his pretzel passion, along with his healthy lifestyle and serious work ethic to bring his love of pretzels to the Sunshine State. After a long run playing baseball, then being a successful business exec and now coaching a high school baseball team, Derek has hit an entrepreneurial grand slam with Phlorida Pretzel. The phantastic pretzels are baked on-site, daily at his location in east Boca Raton. You can find his phun party trays at corporate events, parties and conference tables all across South Florida. Stop by Phlorida Pretzel, say hello to the Pretzel Man and treat yourself to an authentic Philly soft pretzel. From Philly to Phlorida… Phresh, Phun, Phantasic!

  • His awesome and supportive wife, Erin Forchic
  • Their two amazing kids
  • Keeping fit with a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Phootball - Go Eagles!
  • The Phillies, of course
  • The Grateful Dead
  • His longtime friends (so much that he named his party trays after them)
  • Coaching high-school baseball
  • Big dogs - especially his two Newfoundlands, Bailey and Koda.